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Active Directory Replication

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 24, 2009

In Active Directory, replication ensures that any changes made to a domain controller within a domain are replicated to all the other domain controllers in the domain. Active Directory utilizes multimaster replication to replicate changes in the Active Directory data store to the domain controllers. With multimaster replication, domains are considered peers to one another. With Windows Server 2003, the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) is used to create a replication topology of the forest, to ensure that the changes are replicated efficiently to the domain controllers. A replication topology reflects the physical connections utilized by domain controllers to replicate the Active Directory directory to domain controllers in a site, or in different sites. Intra-site replication occurs when the Active Directory directory is replicated within a site. When replication occurs between sites, it is known inter-site replication. Since the bandwidth between sites are typically slow, information on site link objects is utilized to identify the most favourable link that should be used for moving replication data between sites in Active Directory.


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Active Directory

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 14, 2009

Directory is a hierarchical structure that stores information about object on the network. Active Directory is a directory services that provides the method for storing directory data and making this data available to network user and administrator.Acitve Directory is Microsoft Network Operating System (NOS) directory.

The information like user, group, computer , printer application services can be added to central repository. The AD can also be managed programatically based on

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI)
ActiveX Data Object (ADO)
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

AD was released in 1997 and came to existance after MS first NOS enviornment was available in 1990 with the release if WindowsNT 3.0

Some AD concepts:
Domain is a group of resources based on administration and security boundaries (40000 objects limit).

Domain Controller serves providing NOS to the end user

X.500 is a directory service standard provided by ITU and ISO. It was complicated and based on the OSI layer. For TCP/IP model the university of Michigan developed LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). LDAP has many features of X.500.

The versions of LDAP released were:
LDAPv1-1993, LDAPv2-1995 and LDAPv3-1997

Active Directory is based on Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database used by Exchange Server. It has maximum database storage of 16 TB

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