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What is Torrent?

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 15, 2009


Bit torrent by definition is just a file transfer protocol. A Bit Torrent client is the application which uses that protocol.

The below given is the list of clients:

BT Plugin for eDonkey
uTorrent – New! (and pretty damned good!)
Bits on Wheels (MAC)
Transmission (MAC)
Tomato Torrent (MAC)

Some important terminology in Torrent client:

Seeder:        The one(s) with the file
A seeder is uploading, to get a file you need at least 1 seed in the swarm

Leecher:    The one(s) without the file (also known as a peer)
A leecher is downloading from a seeder (and most of the time is also uploading to other peers/leechers too)

Tracker:    The thing that keeps track of who has what and what pieces
There are many trackers out there, some public and some private

Swarm:        The group of computers involved with any one particular torrent.
The number of computers that the swarm contains is found by adding the number of seeds to the number of peers.

Ratio:        The amount you have downloaded compared to the amount you have uploaded. If you use Bit Torrent you MUST upload/seed as much as you download/leech

Reseed:        Asking someone to repost a torrent that has no seeds

Client:        The program you use to download Bit Torrent’s

How it works?

The files you download are .torrent files and they are tiny in size (just a few Kbs).  The .torrent just contains information concerning what the file is, how many pieces it has and what tracker it’s going through.  When you click on a .torrent file, you then chose to open it with your bit torrent client (azureus).  You then select your place to save it and your download will begin (hopefully).

In order to get a download – you need seed (ers).  Sometimes the tracker might be down, in which case no one knows who else has the file and it doesn’t work.

A download with lots of seeds and only a few peers will generally be quick, if you have lots of peers and no seeds it will generally be slow.

How far Bit Torrent is flexible?

The main benefit of torrents is its versatility. Because BitTorrent is just a protocol, a way of sharing files, there is no restriction on the type of file you can share. Its popularity also means that you have a wide range of torrents available and the latest releases too.

The big differences with Torrents compared to other P2P networks are:

a) I don’t have to give the whole file to each person to get it out there – I can give a bit too each person

b) Once I have given a bit out, its availability has just increased, because someone else can then also give it out, and so on and so on.  The speed of a torrent will generally get better as more and more people want it – unlike Soul Seek or other P2P apps where you just wait longer to get it!!

c) Torrents technically aren’t illegal.  After all, a torrent is just a tiny little file with no copyrighted content.  It’s a bit muddy water here though, as they can facilitate the transfer of copyrighted content.


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