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Cisco Application Networking to Microsoft SharePoint

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 15, 2009

Cisco Application Networking for Microsoft SharePoint Solutions combines the Cisco ACE and WAAS products with the Microsoft SharePoint architecture to provide optimized availability, performance, security, and cost of ownership.


Microsoft SharePoint Application Availability:

* Cross Data center load balancing: Efficiently routes the end user and web request to the best available data center
* Server Load Balancing: Efficiently routes the request to the best available server
* Application health monitoring: Continuously monitors application and database availability
* Network platform health monitoring: Helps ensure continuity of business operations through mirroring of end-user transaction states across pairs of network devices

Microsoft SharePoint Application Performance:

* Cisco ACE and WAAS application optimization services for high performance:

WAN optimization: Provides intelligent caching, compression, and protocol optimization. This brings in faster download, faster site navigation and reduce bandwidth utilization

* Server offloading: Specialized hardware that offers greater processing efficiency for application optimization services thus frees up application server processing up-to 70%

Microsoft SharePoint Application Security

Cisco ACE application optimization services for optimized data security:

* SSL termination: Efficiently encrypts and decrypts SSL-enabled traffic, which facilitates the use of intrusion detection and prevention solutions before traffic reaches the servers, reduces server CPU usage, and centralizes certificate management

* End-user access control: Provides access control lists (ACLs) to protect client-to-server traffic from worms and intruders that attack vulnerable open server ports not used by the application

* XML firewall: Examines SOA Web services requests for compliance to schemas and protects against identity, message-format, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks

Microsoft SharePoint Ownership Cost

Cisco Application Networking for Microsoft SharePoint Solutions reduces application capital and operational costs through:

* Server cost reduction: Offloading of application optimization services

* Networking cost reduction: Virtualization of application optimization services supplies such services for multiple Microsoft SharePoint solutions as well as other enterprise applications

* Operating cost reduction: Application optimization services reduce operating costs

Microsoft SharePoint with Cisco ACE:

Microsoft server 2003 provides software based server load balancing and SSL Termination.  Cisco ACE can offer high performance to these application optimization services along with the application health monitoring, end user access control and TCP connection management.


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Microsoft SharePoint with Cisco ACE

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 15, 2009

Due to large scale end user, the Microsoft needs solution for server load balancing. Microsoft Server 2003 software provides with server load balancing and SSL termination.
However Cisco ACE can offer higher performance for these two applications along with end user access control, server health monitoring and TCP connection management.

Virtualization within Cisco ACE allows the single active-active pair of Cisco ACE product to serve multiple Microsoft SharePoint application as well as other Microsoft and non-Microsoft enterprise application. Additional virtual context can be used along with the Cisco ACE deployed in the data center to accommodate new Microsoft SharePoint application without need to order and configure additional equipment.

Cisco ACE virtualized context can be combined with Cisco ACE Role Based Access control (RBAC), which constrains the commands and action for unique application, database, security and system management administration. Cisco ACE comes repacked with number of predefined roles, others can be customized.

Cisco ACE provides server load balancing session for SharePoint through the source IP methodology. Cisco ACE can decrypt the SSL traffic for intrusion detection and prevention and then can encrypt traffic to the server.

When Cisco ACE is combined with the SharePoint, significant server processing reduction was found.

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Microsoft SharePoint with Cisco WASS

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 15, 2009

When a service is requested by the remote user, the transaction is travelled over the wan and introduces network delay that slows end user performance. When the network delay is because of overburdened bandwidth, distance of user to server, or a high number of steps to complete a transaction, end user performance and bandwidth utilization improvement can be achieved by the Cisco WASS technologies such as Data redundancy elimination (DRE), TCP flow optimization (TFO) and compression.

Cisco WASS is combined with Microsoft SharePoint gives significant round-trip time (RTT) and bandwidth reduction.

Data center Application optimization services:

From User to Server:

Application Services are Data center and server load balancing, Server Health monitoring, SSL decryption, TCP congestion consolidation, Security access control

From server to user:

Application services are Caching, Compression, Protocol Optimization, SSL encryption

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Cisco WASS software 4.0 optimizations for Microsoft SharePoint

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 15, 2009

Cisco WASS 4.0 is application acceleration and WAN optimization product that provides compliance with the packet network functions through transparency and network integration.

These tools are necessary to consolidate costly remote-office infrastructure and improve the performance of application and services that run over WAN.

Solution includes array of technologies and features:

* Compression:         To minimize the amount of bandwidth consumed on the link during the transfer

* Data Suppression:    Suppression of transmission of data that has been previously seen

* Flow Optimization:    Mitigation of the performance and efficiency limitation of commonly used transport protocol such as TCP through the use of WAN optimized transport protocol

* Application Proxy:    Transparent and non-transparent proxy that understands application messaging so that unnecessary messages are suppressed handled locally, bundled, predicted, and forwarded to originating server. It is used to overcome the application latency.

* Application caching:    local repository for application specific information, serve validated content when requested by an authorized user.

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Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server SPS2003

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 15, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint is available either as Windows SharePoint Services, which facilities creation of team-oriented collaboration sites, or Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server which servers a secure enterprise portal site.

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 integrates information from various systems into one secure solution through single sign-on and enterprise application integration capabilities. It provides deployment and management tools and facilitate end-to-end collaboration through data aggregation, organization, searching.
SharePoint portal server is built on Windows SharePoint Services. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint services by providing tools for SharePoint sites and allowing teams to publish information to entire organization.

SharePoint provides the document work spaces sites and Meeting workspace sites.

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