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WAN Optimization:

Posted by Ravi shankar on February 24, 2009

WAN optimization will accelerate a broad range of application accessed by distributed users with the techniques of eliminating the redundant data transmission, stores data in local cache, compression and prioritizing data and streamlining chatty protocols.

Component techniques of WAN optimization:
WAFS: Wide Area File Services, CIFS Proxy, HTTPS Proxy , Media Multicasting, Web Caching and bandwidth management.

Description of WAN Optimization Techniques:

Compression:        Relies on data pattern that can be represented more efficiently.
Caching/Proxy:        Relies on the human behavior, accessing the same data over and over.
Protocol Spoofing:    BUndles multiple request from chatty application into one.
Traffic Shaping:    Control data usage based on spotting specific pattern in the data and allowing and disallowing specific traffic.
Equalizing:        Makes assumption on what needs immediate priority based on data usage.
Connection Limits:    Prevents access gridlock in router and access points due to denial of serviceor peer to peer.
Simple Rate Limits:    Prevents one user from getting more than a fixed amount of data.


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